"Closely Connected"
Oyster Study #2 ( in Blues )
"Love Binds"
"Fondness for Each Other "
"First Impressions"
"Still Life with Oyster, Spanish Moss & Quail Eggs
"The Things We Did Last Summer"
"Have We Met?"
" Hello There"
"Sweet Somethings"
"Majesty of Creation"
"View in Purple & Silver"
"Keep Forever"
"Long Cool Girl"
"Lady Liberty's Crown"
"Perfect as I am"
Oyster 3
"Hidden Gem"
"View in Blue & Siver"
"View in Purple"
" View in Gold & Copper"
"Soft Colors"
"From the Sea"
"Purple Dreams"
"Slippery When Wet"
Oyster 1
"Serene Days"
"Wish on a Star"
"Spirals in Time"
"Peaceful Underneath"
"Simple Pleasures"
"James's Shell"
"No Matter How Small..."
"Farewell" 5"x7"
"Gold Underneath"
Oyster 2
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