Welcome to my portfolio of art.

The joy of working intensely on what you were meant to do in life is a gigantic gift that I'm hugely thankful for. Painting is for me this way to digest the shapes, color & light of what we see. I am primarily interested in how light and shadow coexist to give weight and dimension to my paintings. Without one or the other, both would be lost. I have been able to express this mostly by painting animals. The added bonus of painting animals is not only the connection I feel for them but painting portraits of special animals for people who love them gives delight to others. If beauty can be captured and reveled in while we look at art, then isn't it a good thing? An important thing? I think so. Finding beauty and sharing it, especially if found in uncommonly beautiful animals, is an obsession that I'm proud to claim I have.


Jennifer Nolan

Making Friends with my painting subject!

Making Friends with my painting subject!